• 21 Dec 2017 by Global Chamber

    Global Chamber is helping members connect to business opportunities in Kathmandu, in Nepal and around the world.

    Warm connecting' is a focused, effective way of 'networking' advocated and practiced by Global Chamber®.

    It's important for companies in the region to gain every advantage... including leveraging the network of Global Chamber to grow.

    There are many ways to network. For many of our members, 'warm connecting' is the best because there is some thought about your business goals before making a warm introduction - and the person who is introduced is known and will very likely be interested to meet you. People are too busy these days to take meetings with people they don't know UNLESS the intro is from someone they know AND there appears to be something in it for them, as well.

    Read more about 12 tips on warm connecting HERE. And join us to grow your business in warm and wonderful ways.

    Read more about our members HERE.

    Looking forward to a great 2018!

  • 18 Mar 2017 by Bishal Dahal
    The 6th International Trade Fair runs through March 20th at Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall in Kathmandu.
    The goal is to promote Nepali goods by bringing together national and international exhibitors to exchange knowledge and new ideas in product development.
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  • 06 Feb 2016 by Bishal Dahal

    We welcome Susan Gold and Silver as a member of Global Chamber.

    I've personally known their chairman for over 5 years and can attest to their capabilities and trustworthiness.

    They now are reaching to the world for more business. Susan Gold and Silver Co Pvt Ltd. has been established under the chairmanship of Sundar Shakya and registered under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry, Office of Company Registrar on 5th August 2010. The company has been established as a bullion trading real estate company in Nepal. Their business model is based on the distribution of raw 995.0 Gold Bars and 999.0 Silver granules to jewellery shops and outlets, jewellery makers and craftsmen involved in silver and gold handicraft. To date they have been purchasing goods from A-class commercial bank rated by Central Bank of Nepal, and then distribute those goods to customers across Nepal. They are now importing certified silver granules via international trade.

    Business Information

    • Business Name: Susan Gold and Silver Co Pvt Ltd
    • Business Address: Chhetprapati-18, Gangalal Marg Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Registration: Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry, Office of the Company Registrar
    • Membership: Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association; Global Chamber®
    • Contact: Sundar Shakya, Chairman
    • Email and Phone: and +977 9801071856
    • Online:

    Company Strategy

    • Purpose: To be a leader in the Bullion industry by providing enhanced goods services, relationship and profitability.

  • 07 Jan 2016 by Global Chamber Kathmandu

    Hi, I’m Bishal Dahal, Executive Director of Global Chamber Kathmandu. Our team is excited to announce that Global Chamber has landed in Kathmandu. We have already started connecting member companies to businesses and organizations around the world, bringing new opportunities to them and the metro area.

    Global Chamber is the only organization in the world that helps companies grow beyond all borders - from every metro area into all other metro areas, collaborating with regional organizations around the globe to build new opportunities for them and their community.

    Contact me directly to learn more about how you can grow your business from and to metro Kathmandu through global connections and our other services.

    Looking forward to working with you to grow globally!


    Bishal Dahal

    Executive Director, Global Chamber Kathmandu